Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cub Scout Tracking Forms

I currently serve as a den leader for Wolves and Bears in the Cub Scout program. Oh, is an adventure!  When I took over a few months ago, I decided to do what I always do when I get a new assignment and redo the entire thing. I just had to make it my own, so that I would know what was going on! 

The first item of business was to create new tracking forms. Where were all of these boys at in the program? What are all of these silly awards, anyway?! So I created the following tracking forms for the two age levels: 

They are pretty easy to use - I just write the date in M/DD format next to the letter of the item they passed off.  Under attendance, I just write the month of the year, and an X if they were present and an O if they weren't.  As achievements are completed, I put an X in the far left box.  Then I can see where they're at with a quick glance.  If you're LDS, there is a place to track the goals for the Religious Knot.  If you are of another faith, there is a form without this information.  There is space to record when EACH award is given - progress beads in den meeting, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Arrowpoints.  

Which brings me to Arrowpoints.  On each boys' tracking sheet, I record when they were awarded.  But which ones have already been counted?  I created another form for that...

Use this one to write in each extra achievement or elective that counts towards an Arrowpoint.  As I write them on the tracking form, I use a highlighter to highlight the item on the tracking form...that way I don't count them twice.  I really try to be accurate when it comes to awards!  Wouldn't want them to get something they didn't earn, right?  That is why I included the Belt Loop tracking on this form, also.  We try to do about 8 belt loops per year in our den, and I try to do different ones so they get as many as possible.  This helps as I am planning out my year...what can we do that's new and fun?

The last form I wanted to have was one that I could track attendance on so I could see all the boys at once. That's how this form was born:

Put the date of den meeting on the top row, and the scout's names in the left column.  A is for attendance - X for present, O for absent.  B is for beads - we award a bead for being on time, being in uniform, having their book, and participation.  When they get 15 beads, they get a prize out of the prize box.  D is for their assigned duty - they are listed on the bottom of the form.  This just helps me rotate the assignments for flag ceremony so that each boy can experience all of the responsibilities.  On the bottom of the form, I write the date and a description of the activity in the left column, and which achievements and electives we did on that day.  Then I can use that as a quick reference when I update tracking forms and books at the end of the month.

That's where I'm at so far...I'll post ideas for calendars, schedules, and specific activity ideas later.  Each of these forms were designed with our specific den in mind, but I think some of them can be used by lots of dens.  If not, maybe they can be a springboard for your own ideas of getting better organized.

Happy Scouting!


  1. Hi there! I just am starting as a Wolf leader and I really (REALLY!) appreciate this post. I wanted to know more about the reward beads. Where they get a prize when they get 15 beads. Do you just use Pony Beads? And what do you put them on? where do they keep the string of 15 or less beads? (I'm thinking it might need to be on a safety pin?)

  2. So on the same page as you!! I have a Bear and an almost Star Scout...and a Daisy next year! I am looking for ways to track my group with belt loops so we don't try to earn the ones that most of them have..want to do something new to keep the all happy. Have you worked on anything like this?

  3. I love you in the face. Thank you for having this!!!!